Micaceous Clay pottery

From left to right:
1. Micaceous Clay Cooking Vessel with handle, 2. Micaceous Clay Open Bowl, 3. Micaceous Clay open Bowl, 4. Micaceous Clay Bean Pot, 5. Micaceous Clay Bean Pot: reduction Fired, with Lid and incised decoration.


Micaceous clay Cookware is available to buy directly from Felipe or is also available from Cafe Pasquals at 103 East Water Suite G, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501.

Each pot is hand built from micaceous clay that is dug from ancient clay pits. These micaceous clay pots are fired at a very high temperature and finished pots are ideal for cooking. The vessels were traditionally used for cooking over an open flame and are very suitable for use in the modern kitchen.

Felipe's micaceous clay pots cost $100 per quart plus S&H, and are available in different styles including Traditional Jicarilla Apache Bean pots, open bowls and casseroles. They are available in a natural micaeous clay slip finish or blackened (reduced), with or without decoration and with or without covers. Pots can be special ordered to specific sizes and styles. Contact Felipe for availability, details and timing of your order