Cafe Pasquals Gallery in Santa Fe, NM sells Felipe Ortega's pottery

Other Potters:

Marc Millovich, a micaceous clay potter, has pots for sale through Pasqual's Gallery in Santa Fe and also in St. Petersburg, Florida. Marc is currently in NM and can be reached at

Alfred Blea, who lives in Albuquerque, learnt from Felipe. His website is:

Brian Grossnickle, a former apprentice of Felipe's, has a very nice website:

Kele Hardy, a micaceous clay potter in Albuquerque, also has an informative site: Kele is a frequent exhibitor at the Weems ArtFest.

Jan Cameron, another of Felipe's students, sells micaceous clay pottery in California:

Mary Diggin has a section on Micaceous Clay on her website:


Sunday Eiselt, Ph.D.:

SMU Cultural Institute: